powder Fume hoods- user & Environmental protection

Schematic Powder Fume Hood
Schematic Powder Fume Hood

CleanAir by Baker NEG Series of powder fume hoods offers protection for operator and
environment during activities where airborne particles can be released (e.g. powders).


NEG Series is designed for applications such as powder weighing in (hospital-) pharmacies and filling of powder
containers in pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, pharmacies, hospital and university laboratories and
electronic laboratories.


For Pharmacies a smaller model is available: NEG AP.

NEg powder fume hoods

NEG Series

  • Energy saving EC fans
  • Low sound level
  • Pre-filter positioned in front of HEPA filter, increasing the lifetime of the HEPA filter
  • HEPA filter H14 conforms to EN 1822 (efficiency of 99,995% MPPS)
  • Pre-filter G3 (efficiency of 80 - 90% Am)
  • Easy replacement of HEPA- and pre-filter
  • Easy to operate via the front of the cabinet
  • Switch (on/off)
  • Stepless variable (0-100%) speed control
  • Tempered safety glass side windows
  • Pre-filter positioned in front of HEPA filter,

Shipping cost will be calculated separately.


4.968,25 €

  • 125 kg
  • verfügbar

Technical Specifications

options & Accessories

  • Support frame (fixed/electrical adjustable)
  • FL light
  • Electrical socket(s)
  • Exhaust transition
  • FAT / SAT / IQ / OQ


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