Dry Bed Absorber

CS Clean Systems CS065SC Scrubber CleanSorb Dry Bed Absorber Abatement System

The CLEANSORB LABLINE features a small absorber column housed in a compact, air-extracted cabinet. A particular advantage for sporadic laboratory work is the passive operating principle. The LABLINE is always ready and does not have to be switched on, heated up or otherwise activated each time a new experiment is to be run.


The wide selectivity of CLEANSORB® chemisorber media to a diverse list of gases and liquid precursors, ranging from corrosive or toxic species to latest-generation metalorganic complexes, offers ideal flexibility for R&D requirements.


The Cleansorb Dry Bed Absorber is in good cosmetic condition and 100% fully functional. It was used for butadiene.

Comes out of a running Laboratory and was tested before deinstallation.


Technical Information:

  • On Top Connection for cabinet air extract ø100mm
  • For Compressed air: Swagelok-connector (1/4" or 6mm), 6-7 bar
  • For Nitrogen: Swagelok-connector (1/4" or 6mm), 6-7 bar
  • Gas outlet: 25-40KF
  • Gas inlet: 25-40KF
  • In-Line Cable: L1/N/PE
  • Pneum./CDA: 0,7 MPa
  • N2 high purity: 0,7 MPa
  • Mains: 230V @ 50/60 Hz


with installed TX-4000 KFP Gas Detector


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CleanSorb Dry Bed Absorber

29.750,00 €

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