Extremely thin-walled tubes result in excellent thermo-transfer for better and more reliable PCRs. 

The tubes are of high transparency and produced with a special poly propylene-type in order to avoid condensation in the upper part of the tubes.


Optimally suitable for the handling with a 8-channel pipette.


The 8-Microstrips are offered separately both with attaching caps and without (8-Microstrip classic). Likewise available are also combination luggages with 8-tube-strips and 8-cap-strips.


Also in the assortment, the 8-strips "low profile" for small sample volumes (< 20 µl).


Compatible to all standard 96-well thermocyclers.


PP, ISO, DNAse /RNAse free, Inhibitor free, human DNA free

Data Sheet
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1 VE = 120 Strips

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