Bead Ruptor Elite II - The Flexible

The Omni Bead Ruptor Elite II is more flexible compared to the smaller 12 version and offers more options for all different types of homogenization.


Bead Ruptor Elite II

NEW Closure System

with sawtooth coupling, without brackets, new version, incl. multi-compatible finger plate

  • Exchangeable carriage, depending on the desired volume, click here for the different carriages
  • Convenient front-loading tube holder position for ease of use and best bead/sample interactions
  • Broad performance range for any type of sample processing: 0.8m/s - 8m/s
  • High reproducibility: number of cycles, time, speed, dwell/pause
  • No Cool-down required between runs: process of hundreds of samples per day
  • 99 programmable memory settings
  • Advanced sample temperature monitoring system
  • Multi-lingual user interface

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  • 29 kg
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Processing Range
25 µl - 50 ml (depending on carriage)
Dimendsions (WxDxH)      
39,4 x 43,2 x 33 cm
Weight 24 kg
Run Time 1 second - 9:59 minutes
Number of Programs
Number of Cycles
1 - 10
Performance Range stepless: 0,8 - 8,0 m/s


Click here to choose the right carriage.

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Cryo Cooling Unit for the Bead Ruptor 24

Cryo Cooling Unit

  • Keeps samples cool before, after & during processing
  • To be used with liquid nitrogen or dry ice
  • Maintains a consistent temperature for heat sensitive samples
  • Suitable for the Bead Ruptor 24

8.508,50 €

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