BIOVENDIS offers you the entire product range for the molecular biology laboratory.

We distribute consumables, reagents such as GelRed (TM) and Proteinase K, as well as new and used laboratory equipment.

For safe working in the laboratory for product protection and user protection we offer the safety workbenches of the companies Telstar and Kojair. 

If you need help with equipping your laboratory or are interested in a particular used laboratory device, we offer you a wide range of used devices.


If a desired product is not listed online, feel free to send an e-mail to and we will help you immediatly.


Used Equipment Shop

Take a look at our Used Equipment Shop.

Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets from Kojair and Telstar.

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Microscopes from Kern.

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The Omni Bead Ruptor Series specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction.


Balances from Kern.

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