Magnetic Separation

The magnetic stands are designed to guarantee optimal results in combination with magnetic particle kits. Naturally stands could also be used with each other kit on the basis of magnetic particles.


Magnetic stands consist out of variably sized transparent acrylic glass (Plexiglas) blocks allowing users permanent optical control of magnetic separation. All used magnets are durable, extra strong permanent magnets which guarantee a very fast magnetic separation in varying sample volumes.


We offer customers a broad range of magnetic stands for different sample- and elution volumes and applications. The assortment ranges from the “normal” magnetic separator M96 for applications in 96 well plate format, M12+12 stands for 1.5ml/ 2.0ml tubes, M96 deep well plate separators up to XXL stands for 5-50ml applications.


Furthermore it is possible to adapt magnetic separators in addition to manual use to different robotic systems (with SBS standard format). Thus the manual magnetic separator M96 is also available as adaptation for JobiWell robotic system former from Cybio AG/ Jena and for RoboAmp and RoboSeq robotic systems former from MWG Biotech/Aviso GmbH. In cooperation with you it is also possible to design magnetic stands for your requirements. 


Please request for individual solutions.