Bio REagents

BIOVENDIS offers a wide range of DNA size standards of superior quality. They come in a ready-to-use solution and they are stable at room temperature for months. Moreover they are available at attractive prices.


In order to stain dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA in agarose gels or polyacrylamide gels with a fluorescent dye you can simply replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide with GelRed(TM), which is ultrasensitive, non-toxic, non-mutagenic and nonhazardous to the environment. Both dyes have virtually the same spectra so you can directly replace ethidium bromide with GelRed(TM).


Proteinase K isolated from Tritirachium album is used for protease digestion during DNA and RNA preparation. It is available as powder and in soluble form. Proteinase K from BIOVENDIS is very stable even at room temperature.


COT I Human DNA is prepared from human placental DNA and used as a blocking reagent for in-situ hybridizations, microarrays, DNA array comparative genomic hybridizations (CGH) and filter hybridizations in order to suppress cross-hybridization with human repetitive sequences.


As well in our portfolio, you can find a huge range of polyermases and several master mixes.


Test our Agarose, it

 • is free from RNAse, DNase and enzyme inhibitors

• is ideal for analytic und preparative fractionation of nucleic acid in the range of 50 bp to 50 kb

• will be tested by an independent laboratory before the release of a new charge