Safety Cabinet Class II - User and Product Protection

Telstar Bio II Advance

The Bio II Advance series has been designed to the highest standards of safety,  ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and ease of use in its class.

As a result, the Bio II Advance provides improvements in Laminar Flow Efficiency which helps shorten the path taken by the air inside the cabinet, thus making the cabinet one of the  most compact models available in the market.
Microprocessor control results into benefits like energy optimization, reduction of heat emission and a significantly increase in use lifetime of the filters.



Telstar Bio II Advance
Telstar Bio II Advance

• 10° sloped front window for a better working position

• Grade stainless steel complete chamber with security glass sides

• Security anti-reflective front window with UV protection, with no visual obstacles on the lower edge

• Microprocessor control automatic air flow compensation

• Main screen showing the laminar flow speed and the filter clogging level


• Ecomode function

• Control panel with international colour code to indicate cabinet status



Available sizes
The Bio II Advance series is available in three different sizes (height always 1260 mm). With a depth of 759 mm, it fits through every lab door.


Options & accessories

  • Support frame
  • Non-return valve
  • Additional active carbon filter in the exhaust to capture smells or chemical substances
  • Canopy-type connection for safe directed extraction
  • Formalin vaporiser for decontamination
  • Formalin vaporiser with neutralisation for decontamination
  • Single piece work tray
  • Programmable ultraviolet light
  • Service tap kits (N2, air, gas, vacuum…)
  • Double HEPA filter in the exhaust for extra security when the unit is expelling air into the laboratory (according to standard BS 5726)


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